Display concepts

Pallet-sized promo display

  • One display = one price category €2.99 or €5.99
  • The top and bottom level can be filled with high rotation items (BULK items), separated by dividers for a clean look.
  • The middle level is filled with a frequently renewed variety of items from our Mix-boxes.
  • Additional items can be put on the side grid to optimize the sales value.
  • In total the display can carry up to 700 SKU’s.
Pallet-sized promo display
Checkout trolley

Checkout trolley

Our heavy-duty trolleys on wheels, suitable for positioning at the check-out counter have 3 levels that can be filled with high-rotating impulse items or seasonal products.

Cross-selling grids

  • Optimize your selling space by adding our easily attachable grids on to your product racks with a simple click.
  • Our grids are organised by theme (paint, decoration, bathroom accessories,…) which makes them the perfect add-on sales drive
Cross-selling grids
Easy attachable
Cross-selling grids
All options
Reading glasses

Reading glasses

  • This display has been designed to best present a range of reading glasses in different styles and colours.
  • It has been fitted with downward facing mirrors and its 4 sides can contain up to 400 SKUs. Its heavy-duty wheels ensure easy mobility so it can be positioned wherever you think is best.

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