warranty conditions

This guarantee covers all material or manufacturing defects, excluding the following:
  • defective parts subject to normal wear and tear,
    such as bearings, brushes, cables and plugs
  • damages or defects resulting from improper use
  • accidents or alterations
Definitely excluded from the guarantee are damages due to:
  • moisture seepage
  • excessive accumulation of dust
  • wilful damage (intentional or due to gross negligence)
  • inappropriate use (use for purposes other than those for which the device was intended)
  • improper use (incl. non-observance of the instructions in the user manual)
  • improper assembly
  • lightning strike
  • incorrect mains voltage

This list is not exhaustive.
We explicitly reject all responsibility for any bodily injury which may result from the improper use of the device.
All repair requests must be submitted at the original point of purchase.
Any transport costs associated with repairs are always at the expense of the customer, unless otherwise specified.
In addition, if the damage to the device is the result of negligent maintenance or overloading, no claims may be made under the guarantee.
Under no circumstances will the acceptance of claims under the guarantee give rise to the initiation of a new guarantee period should the original device be replaced.
Devices or parts which were replaced under the guarantee become the property of Varo nv.
Only tools purchased at an authorised point of sale are eligible for warranty.
We reserve the right to deny any guarantee claim for which the purchase of the device cannot be verified or for which it is clear that the device was not correctly maintained (clean ventilation slots, regularly changed carbon brushes, ...).
Your purchase receipt must be saved as proof of the purchase date.
Your tool must be returned, in its entirety, to your dealer in an acceptable state of cleanliness and in its original plastic case (if applicable to the relevant product), and it must be accompanied by your proof of purchase.
More information is always available Belgium office at   +32 (0)3 292 92 90. or our Spanish office at  +34 (0)937 59 77 84.

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