Leaf blower/vacuum brushless 40V - excl. battery and charger POWDPG75270


A clean and orderly garden in a jiffy, this powerful 40V leaf blower from Powerplus makes it possible. The cordless tool offers full freedom of movement, without the hindrance of extension cords. Its strong brushless motor provides more power and increases the battery’s autonomy. On top of that, it only needs little maintenance.

The leaf blower has six blowing speeds, with a maximum of 210km/h and an air volume of up to 9.5m3/min. That suffices for removing even wet and stuck leaves. After use, the two-part tube can be removed easily, so the POWDPG75720 can be stored space-savingly.

Besides its blow-function, the Dual Power tool is also equipped with a suction-mode. The built-in shredder shreds the vacuumed garden waste like fallen leaves and grass with a 15:1 ratio. The shredded waste is subsequently caught in the 45l collection bag.

Thanks to its electronic speed control and safety-lock, the leaf blower is a very safe to use tool. It is equipped with an ergonomic soft grip and it’s easy to maintain and clean as well. The tube is supported by two wheels. They catch the biggest part of the tool’s weight and protect therefore the user’s back during use.

Separate battery and charger
The battery and charger are not included. They are sold separately and are compatible with the whole Dual Power range.

Which Dual Power batter is compatible?
This 40V leaf blower is only compatible with the 2x20V Dual Power batteries.

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Manual included
Chargers - charge cable included
Amount of wheels
Number of Screwdrivers included 0
Collect box-bag included


Rated Voltage DC (Un) max
Shredding ratio
Bag-box volume
Sound Power Level (LwA)
Max. air speed
Max. air volume
Batteries necessary (amount)
2nd Batteries included (amount)
Safety contact
Electronic speed control
Metal blade
Control handle
Safety button
Overload protection
Storage case
Not applicable
Soft grip
Battery level indicator
Shredding function
Blowing function
Vacuuming function
Raking function
Quick release collect box / bag
Double wheel support
Patio nose
Round nose
Built in rake
Easy cleaning access
Soft start motor
Adjustable speed
Power indicator
Rotation speed (n) min
Rotation speed (n) max
General warranty


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
IN 1 46 cm 19 cm 31.5 cm 3.74 kg 3.74 kg
OUT 1 46 cm 19 cm 31.5 cm 3.74 kg 3.74 kg
ST 1 46 cm 19 cm 31.5 cm 3.74 kg 3.74 kg
PAL 40 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 149.6 kg 0 kg

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