Jigsaw 800W POWP4070


This jigsaw with high precision laser and 4 pendulum positions guarantees an accurate sawing performance. The pendulum action allows you to saw faster and in harder materials: it can cut up to 80mm in wood, 16mm in plastic and 10mm in steel.

You control the speed needed for the task with the electronic speed dial. The rotation speed can be set between 500 and 3000min-1. The blades can be replaced easily thanks to the quick blade change system (T-shaped connection).

The jigsaw has a strong aluminium base and can be connected to a vacuum cleaner in order to keep a clear view of the cutting line and to guarantee a clean, dust-free working environment. Three blades and a side guide for straight cuts are included.

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Manual included
Dust adapter for vacuum cleaner included
Side guide included
Number of Saw blades for aluminium included
Number of Saw blades multi-use included
Number of Hex keys included


Rated Voltage AC min (Un)
Rated Voltage AC max (Un)
Rated frequency (fn) max
Rated power (Pn) min
Rated power (Pn) max
Sound Power Level (LwA)
Power cable length
Stroke length
Pendular positions
Switch dustproof
Electronic speed control
Adjustable Base
Overload protection
Spindle lock
number of teeth/blades
Tooth spacing/pitch
Teeth total amount
Teeth Angle
Quick blade change
Storage case
Soft grip
Swivel ball cable restraint
Dust extraction airflow
Dust blowing switch
Targeting laser
Soft start motor
Quick release - toolless disassembly
Power indicator
Rubber power cable
Blade thickness
Max degree bevel
Rotation speed (n) min
Rotation speed (n) max
Dust connector diameter
Movements max
Movements min
Cutting depth steel
Cutting depth wood
Cutting depth plastic
General warranty


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
IN 1 33 cm 11 cm 30 cm 3.82 kg 3.82 kg
ST 1 33 cm 11 cm 30 cm 3.82 kg 3.82 kg
OUT 4 48 cm 32 cm 35 cm 15.94 kg 15.94 kg
PAL 100 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 382 kg 0 kg

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