Angle grinder 1200W Ø 125mm POWX0614


This angle grinder is fitted with a mid-size Ø 125 mm grinding disc. Because it is so comfortable to use, the angle grinder is highly manoeuvreable. Use it to work in hard-to-reach areas with ease. A larger grinding disc is impractical for light grinding work, e.g. cutting through narrow pipes or deburring small surfaces, which is why this smaller angle grinder is perfect for you.

The auxiliary handle provides an even stronger grip and can be attached to the left, right, or on top of the angle grinder. That way, you can always find the ideal position for grinding without obstruction. Your hands are fully protected by the sturdy metal safety guard.

Need to replace the grinding disc? Thanks to the spindle lock, you can do so quickly, efficiently, and without the need for extra tools. For added user comfort, the angle grinder is also equipped with a lock-on switch for uninterrupted grinding.

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Diamond Blade included
Manual included
Number of Spanner tools included 1
Number of Hex keys included 0
Number of Cutting discs included 0


Rated Voltage AC min (Un)
Rated Voltage AC max (Un)
Rated frequency (fn) max
Rated power (Pn) min
Rated power (Pn) max
Sound Power Level (LwA)
Power cable length
Quick stop
Switch dustproof
Electronic speed control
Vibration reduction system
Safety button
Overload protection
Bore size
Spindle lock
Disc diameter
Storage case
Soft grip
Safety guard
Quick change carbon brushes
Swivel ball cable restraint
Quick clamp system
Soft start motor
Quick release - toolless disassembly
Power indicator
Rubber power cable
Rotation speed (n) min
Rotation speed (n) max
General warranty


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
ST 1 14.6 cm 42.6 cm 11.8 cm 3.02 kg 3.02 kg
IN 4 44.5 cm 31.5 cm 25 cm 12.64 kg 12.64 kg
OUT 4 44.5 cm 31.5 cm 25 cm 12.64 kg 12.64 kg
PAL 144 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 434.88 kg 0 kg

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