Heat gun 2000W - 2 acc. POWX1021


This 2000 W Powerplus heat gun guarantees optimal heat dissipation and is ideal for removing glue and paint.

What can you do with this heat gun?

Choose between 3 temperature settings, so you can optimize the temperature for specific uses. Use the lowest setting at a minimum of 50 °C to quickly dry damp wood or paint, remove stickers, thaw frozen pipes or use it to wax your skis. The higher setting goes up to 580 °C and can be used to bend plastic pipes, loosen nuts and bolts, and to easily remove paint.

Its strong points:

Cool grip: The handle is extra insulated. It protects you from the heat that’s generated by this tool, which in turn allows for a stable grip while working.

Lightweight: At just 815 g, this tool is a lightweight, allowing you to work comfortably, even for longer periods of time.

Nozzles: This heat gun comes with 2 nozzles: one spreader nozzle which spreads the heat and a reduction nozzle to concentrate the heat.

Mobility: The 3 m cable length provides the necessary freedom of movement.

Tips & Tricks:

  • A heat gun doesn’t use an open flame, but the heat still poses a fire risk. Make sure there are no highly flammable items near when using the heat gun.
  • Don’t touch the metal nozzle. It becomes very hot during use and remains that way up until around 30 minutes after use.

Its key technical specifications:

  • Rated power: 2000 W
  • Number of heat settings: 3
  • Min. work temperature: 50 °C
  • Max. work temperature: 580 °C
  • Warm-up time: 20 sec
  • Power cable length: 3 m

What is included?

  • 1x heat gun
  • 1x reduction nozzle
  • 1x spreader nozzle
  • 1x manual

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Manual included
Number of nozzles included 2 #
Number of Scrapers included 0
Reflector nozzle included
Reduction nozzle included
Glass protection nozzle included
Spreader nozzle included
Pear shaped scraper included
Three sided scraper included
Putty knife included


Rated Voltage AC max (Un)
230 V
Rated frequency (fn) max
50 Hz
Rated power (Pn) max
2000 W
Power cable length
3 m
Thermal stop
Constant heat control
Cool Grip
Overload protection
Adjustable Temperature
Low weight
Min. work temperature
50 °C
Max. work temperature
580 °C
Storage type
Soft grip
LCD indicator
Power indicator
Rubber power cable
Heat gun
Weed burner
BBQ lighter
General warranty
36 MO.


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
IN 1 26 cm 9 cm 27 cm 1.32 kg 1.32 kg
ST 1 26 cm 9 cm 27 cm 1.32 kg 1.32 kg
OUT 8 54 cm 39 cm 29 cm 11.28 kg 11.28 kg
PAL 192 120 cm 80 cm 200 cm 253.44 kg 1 kg

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